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James Pearce

Open Source

James does Open Source at Facebook. He's a developer and writer with a special passion for the web, mobile platforms of all sorts, and exploring their untapped potential. His mobile projects include confess.js, WhitherApps, tinySrc,, Device Atlas, and mobiForge.

Mike Shaver

Engineering Director

Mike Shaver is an Engineering Director at Facebook. He is also known for his work on several open source projects. He has been involved in the development of many of the technologies that enable interactive web pages, such as the JavaScript language.

Jackson Gabbard

Mobile Engineer

Veteran troublemaker at Facebook London. Works on Tools and Mobile. Helped build Mobile Timeline and App Center.

Connor Treacy

Developer Advocate

Connor is an engineer at Facebook, where he uses his knowledge of Graph API and Open Graph to help developers integrate Facebook into their app experiences. When not coding, Connor is usually found behind a pair of turntables.